Leafenia is a magical realm full of the mystical energy called Leafé, home of The Leafé Knights.


The land of Leafenia is a lush world of happiness and nature, with the Leafé Knights maintaining links with the planet earth and often visiting the realm to find a new Prétear.

Ironically, this would lead to the knights finding an recruiting the human girl Takako. The knight of wind, Hayate helped Takako to overcome challenges from her own fears and succeed in putting a halt to the Great Tree of Fenrir and it's Demon Larvae, but she quickly grew unhappy with his manipulations of her feeling's toward him, this drove a wedge between. Unfortunately this lead to a new danger, the Prétear became a Princess of Disaster, leaving the Knights to fight there new enemy without a Prétear.

However, the knights were eventually able to seal the new Princess of Disaster away.

Together, the knights were able to see Leafenia through turbulent times: they were able to resurrect the fallen knights, however, the land and the Knights were still without a Prétear to protect it.

Leafenia faced further danger when the Princess of Disaster used the magical power of Leafé to escape her prison. The intervention of Himeno Awayuki, the new Prétear, chose to be the new chosen protector of Leafenia and its peoples was eventually able to stop Takako and the evil tree Fenrir once and for all. Thus insuring the safety of Leafenia and all it's inhabitants.


  • It is unknown if other humans aside from the Leafé Knights live in Leafenia.