Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter

Original Airdate

April 11, 2001

Episode Number



The Wind of Fate (episode)


The Way of Becoming Prétear

Himeno Awayuki has decided to accept her destiny, but she's going to need a lot more training if she's really going to be a Prétear.


To protect her new home, Himeno overcomes her fear and decides not to flee. She agrees to the fight against the awakened Water Demon. Agreeing to join The Leafé Knights in battling the creature by becoming Prétear.

After overcoming the initial shock and embarrassment of préting with Hayate, becoming the Prétear of Wind, she frantically tries to vanquish the foe using her new powers; with Hayate getting injured in the process. Once she gets the hang of her powers, the foe is vanquished, and the knights bid her farewell for the time being.

Reflecting on the day's events, Himeno decides that she doesn't wish to see any of the other knights get hurt due to her inexperience, and asks Sasame to help her train using her abilities as a Prétear. Working together, Himeno becomes the Prétear of Sound and learns how to use the Sonic Arrow. After a satisfactory first lesson, Sasame treats Himeno to a snack in the park, where the two discuss what it means to be a Prétear, and Hayate's inhospitable personality. Sensing possible trouble brewing, Sasame invites Himeno to the radio station where he works as a talk show host, consoling listeners, who've written in to him with their lonesome tales of sadness, on the air.

After the show finishes broadcasting, Himeno and Sasame senses trouble awakening and the pair spring into action, soon the other Leafé Knights join them. Dispatching the Trash Demon with ease, Himeno comes to the aide of her stepsister Mawata, who had fallen victim to the demon's Leafé draining powers. Learning that she was the one who had written Sasame during his radio show, Himeno tries to empathize with Mawata's feelings of solitude and loss, but finds her efforts rebuffed as Mawata flees in anguish.



  • Himeno préts with Sasame in this episode for the first time, becoming the Prétear of Sound.