Mayuni Awayuki

Voice Actors

Japanese: Satsuki Yukino, English: Shelley Calene-Black



Eldest daughter of the wealthy Natsue Awayuki.


Mayuni is the same age as Himeno Awayuki. She often plays practical jokes on Himeno to demean her and tattles on her to her mother.


Mayuni holds a pretentious attitude toward Himeno for coming from an impoverished family. Mayuni often plays practical jokes to demean Himeno, including tampering with the dining room chairs and setting traps throughout the mansion grounds.

Mayuni's spiteful attitude comes from her great jealousy of Himeno. By the end of the series however, Mayuni and Himeno reconcile after Himeno saves Mawata from the Great Tree of Fenrir.


  • Mayune falls for various Leafe Knights throughout the anime, but they always manage to escape before she can seduce them.
  • Even though Mayuni appears to dislike Himeno, she is the first to grieve about Himeno's death.

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