Moment of Awakening
Pretear 2305b

Original Airdate

May 23, 2001

Episode Number



Can't Protect Anyone Anymore


Unreaching Melody

Himeno Awayuki has lost her ability to prét.


After learning the horrible truth about her predecessor, Himeno's become so wrapped in turmoil and doubt that she is unable to prét with Hayate when the Princess of Disaster shows herself. Sasame tries desperately to reason with her, but his words fall on deaf ears, and she sucks the Leafé right out of him. Himeno and the others watch helplessly as Sasame plummets to the ground, Fenrir's attack nearly killing the man. Instead of attacking further, Fenrir decides to retreat.

Himeno blames herself for Sasame's injuries due to her not being able to prêt. Her friends try to assure her otherwise, but her spirits are no less dampened. Himeno heads home feeling powerless.

Mayuni meanwhile is looking to play another practical joke on Himeno, but her efforts are dashed by Himeno's absence. Mikage informs her that she had taken off early that morning. Hayate overhears Mayuni ranting to her mother about this, and rushes off to track down his missing charge. Himeno is gripped by visions of doom, and wanders aimlessly throughout the city. She's almost hit by a car, but her stepsister Mawata sees this in time and ends up saving her, since she too is wandering the city aimlessly, worried about Sasame.

Himeno and Mawata end up spending the day together talking. Elsewhere, a concerned Hayate is still searching desperately. When he finally finds Himeno at the beach, he tries to comfort her. Sadly Mawata sees them and assumes Himeno lied to her about feeling lonely, running off in tears. Not long after, Fenrir and her Demons arrive to attack the helpless Prétear.



  • While it's never fully explained why Himeno losses her ability to prét. It's implied it has something to do with her emotional stability.