Mr. Tanaka
Tanaka Pretear 52451

Voice Actors

Japanese: Takehito Koyasu, English: Paul Sidello



Mr. Tanaka works at the Awayuki Estate residents.


Mr. Tanaka is the Awayuki’s butler and chauffeur. Tanaka is constantly losing his hair, due to stress and Miss Natsue and Miss Mayuni's either absent-minded or outright cruel treatment.

He and Natsue used to go to school together, with Tanaka harboring a crush on Natsue while she pursued other interests. He once offered Natsue a ride, which lead to his employment as the Awayuki’s chauffeur.

During Himeno's final confrontation with Takako and Great Tree of Fenrir, Tanaka was dragged away from the city in a crowd of fleeing people. After the battle he eventually found his way back to the estate.