Natsue Awayuki

Voice Actors

Japanese: Kikuko Inoue, English: Lauren Goodnight



Natsue Awayuki is the wealthy wife of Kaoru Awayuki and mother to Mayuni and Mawata and owner of the Awayuki Estate.


A wealthy and powerful executive who married her crush Kaoru Awayuki after her divorce/death of her first husband. In the manga Natsue only exposes her soft-side to Kaoru while dealing with everyone else with a strict decorum. In the anime, Natsue is never possessed by the Princess of Disaster, never shows any jealousy about Kaoru's late wife, and while strict with Himeno, also cares deeply for her.


  • In the manga her daughters were named after characters from her favorite book by Kaoru, Twin Princesses.
  • In the manga, it was Natsue who was possessed by Takako and was one of the main villains.

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