Smile of Darkness

Original Airdate

May 2, 2001

Episode Number



A Promise Made Under Sunlight


Secret of Rouge

Himeno Awayuki starts having nightmares about a mysterious woman.


Himeno finds herself terrified by a terrible nightmare where she's standing alone on an empty bridge, where an ominous figure warns her of her impending defeat. Fortunately, Hayate appears and removes the cause of Himeno's terrifying dream, a black butterfly, sending the frightened Prétear rushing into Hayate's arms. Himeno quickly realizes what she’s doing and punches Hayate, ordering him out of her bedroom.

The next day, Hayate keeps a close watch over Himeno while she's at school, leading Yayoi into thinking Hayate has unrequited feelings of love for Himeno. Himeno shrugs her off, while Hayate looks on. Sasame finds Hayate and notes he hasn't seen him so concerned for Himeno before. Elsewhere, a dark shadow falls over the area draining the Leafé from all the living things in its wake.

Himeno and The Leafé Knights are forced into action once again, but this time, the enemy is not a mere demon larvae, but familiars of the Princess of Disaster herself. Himeno reveals she's seen the familiar figure before, in her dream last night, causing the others to scold Hayate for guarding Himeno without telling them what was going on.

Later, Sasame shows up for his turn at guarding Himeno, but has the misfortune of bumping into Mayuni. Unfortunately, the power goes out for some reason, and Mayuni runs out of the shower and into Mr. Tanaka. Hayate grabs Himeno and the two take to the sky to search for and attend to the cause of the blackout, Himeno's dream turns out to be prophetic when the Princess of Disaster appears to her in person after the Electric Demon is defeated. She gives Himeno another veiled threat, before vanishing.



  • Himeno préts with Mannen in this episode for the first time, becoming the Prétear of Ice.
  • This episode marks the first time Himeno and the Princess of Disaster meet face-to-face.