The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions

Original Airdate

June 6, 2001

Episode Number



Unreaching Melody


Eyes of Glass

Sasame makes a shocking decision.


Sasame tries desperately to get Takako to return his feelings for her, even vowing to toss aside his loyalties and become her servant. Takako, while seemingly touched, rejects Sasame violently and vanishes. Kei says it's for the best, but Himeno's words concerning love spare Sasame the contempt of the others, and any harsh punishment.

In order to spare the Awayuki family from further reprisals by the Princess of Disaster, Himeno has decided to move out of the mansion. The Leafé Knights set to work building her a new home. Himeno returns one last time to bid everyone farewell in her own special way. She gives gifts to Yayoi and Mr. Tanaka. Makes up a cup of tea for her father and stepmother. Tries to say goodbye to Mawata, but leaves sadly when Mawata refuses to come out of her room. Then allows Mayuni to catch her in a pit trap.

Meanwhile, still upstairs, Takako is busy trying to leech darkness and sorrow out of Mawata's troubled heart to fuel her own power. However, Mawata's attachment to Sasame is serving as a barrier, protecting her from the total brainwashing. The Princess of Disaster is less than pleased with her new puppet, but thinks she might have a solution to her problem.

Sasame pays a visit to the old abandoned church in the hopes of seeing Takako, who happens to be awaiting his arrival before the alter. Meanwhile, the Leafé Knights have put the finishing touches on Himeno's new home, and a joyful Himeno thanks everyone for their efforts. Sasame, too, has appeared, but things are not what they seem.

To prove his love for her, Takako ordered Sasame to bring her to Leafenia and kill Hayate, which he gladly does. Hayate refuses to fight Sasame, so he forces the issue by wounding Himeno. Furious, Hayate charges Sasame and two engage one another in a battle to the death. Himeno and the others try to stop the fighting, but the Princess of Disaster won't allow any interference. In the end, Sasame bests Hayate, but still cannot bring himself to hurt him. While angry, Takako makes the most of the situation. She steals as much Leafé as she can before she and Sasame, her newly dubbed, "Knight of Darkness" leave.



  • Sometimes this episode is listed as "At the End of Memories".