The Legend of White Snow

Original Airdate

June 27, 2001

Episode Number



Warmth, Once More



Hayate, as well as all the other Knights must give their all to help Himeno try to destroy the tree.


Through Sasame's self-sacrifice, both he and Takako are forgiven their sins and revert back to the good side. Takako comes back to her true self realizing that she loved Sasame too. Takako pleads with Sasame not to die, and Himeno suggests that either she or Takako can become the Prétear in order to save him. Hayate explains that she is to weak, and Takako's powers have changed so radically that she can no longer give the Leafé necessary to save Sasame. Soon enough, Sasame dies from his wounds, and even though Takako has reverted back to her normal self, the danger created by the Great Tree of Fenrir still looms.

Out of control, the tree captures Takako, drawn to her grief. Himeno tries to save her and she's attacked by the tree. Hayate shields her and then he dies in her arms. To stop the tree, Himeno by herself becomes the legendary White Prétear and pours out a massive amount of Leafé. The town is restored, the Leafé Knights healed, and Sasame and Hayate are brought back to life. Hayate awakens to find the others crying over Himeno's lifeless body, lying in the grass as if she were sleeping. Feeling himself a failure as a knight, he silently apologizes and kisses her, which restores her life. Later, Himeno and her family are now closer. Mawata is happier, teaching Hajime and Shin how to make paper cranes. Mr. Tanaka makes it back to the Awayuki Estate safely. Himeno and her friend Yayoi spend time discussing Kaoru's renewed interest in writing, and Takako has been spending time with Sasame.



  • Himeno is unable to prét with anyone in this episode, despite this she is able to become the legendary White Prétear.