Warmth, Once More

Original Airdate

June 20, 2001

Episode Number



Eyes of Glass


The Legend of White Snow


The battle rages on, and although Sasame has firmly allied himself with the Princess of Disaster, Himeno is determined to stop Takako. The town is overrun by the Great Tree of Fenrir. Himeno begs the rest of her family to escape while she rescues Mawata. Instead, they refuse to leave Mawata behind and put themselves in great physical danger to rescue her.

While trying to help them, Sasame engages Himeno in a battle, he then challenges Hayate to single combat. Claiming it will protect Himeno if he un-prét's with her to face him. As Himeno climbs the Great Tree of Fenrir alone. Her family starts attacking the prison holding Mawata, calling to her desperately. Himeno continues up the tree and reaches the Princess of Disaster. The pair talk, and Takako claims that their is no way Mawata can be freed from the great tree. However, Himeno refuses to give up on her stepsister. Using Takako's own power, Himeno helps Mawata finally come back to her senses and realize that she's not nearly as alone as she thought.

Mawata is freed and safe in the arms of the rest of the Awayuki family. Takako doesn't want her to go and becomes desperate, calling out for Sasame, who appears after beating Hayate in battle. Takako asks Sasame to kill both Hayate and Himeno, but he is soon convinced by Himeno not to. Believing that not even Sasame loves her, Takako's grief causes the tree to target her and it tries to kill her, but Sasame shields her.