Yayoi Takato
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Voice Actors

Japanese: Yukari Tamura, English: Monica Rial



Yayoi Takato is Himeno Awayuki's schoolmate and friend.


Yayoi adores romance novels. She'll often go out of her way to find romance during mundane moments.


Yayoi and Himeno became friends when Himeno transferred to Yayoi's high school. After Yayoi hears what some of the other girls in their class say about Himeno, she chooses to ignore what they say and be her friend anyway.

During Himeno's final confrontation with Takako and Great Tree of Fenrir, Yayoi was dragged away from the city in a crowd of fleeing people.

Once the crisis was over, Yayoi attempted to publish her own novel based on Mr. Tanaka's unrequited love, and had hopes of becoming Kaoru Awayuki's apprentice, though she quickly gave up on the latter when Himeno did not approve.